Mother's Day Special
Mother's Day Special

Mother's Day Special

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In Arabia, we celebrate the Mother's day on the 21st of March every year, and for this year let's present our beloved one a warm calligraphic artwork!

Available in two sizes:

30 x 30 cm

55 x 55 cm

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الأُمُّ مَدرَسَةٌ إِذا أَعدَدتَها أَعدَدتَ شَعباً طَيِّبَ الأَعراقِ
الأُمُّ رَوضٌ إِن تَعَهَّدَهُ الحَيا بِالرِيِّ أَورَقَ أَيَّما إيراقِ
الأُمُّ أُستاذُ الأَساتِذَةِ الأُلى شَغَلَت مَآثِرُهُم مَدى الآفاقِ

— حافظ ابراهيم (١٨٧٢ - ١٩٣٢)

“A mother is a school; if you prepare her, you will prepare a nation of good race.

The mother is a garden, if the living thing pledges to it to irrigate the leaves beautifully shed.

The mother is the master of masters whose exploits span the horizons.”

Hafez Ibrahim
Egyptian poet
1872 - 1932